Thursday, August 2, 2012

108 Temple Village

Person (Hindu) who will visit these 108 temples and do a tirth of 108 days in  "108 Temple Village  will get birth as human being in next yoni  . Lord Vishnu is witness and guide to this good work . People  who do 108 days tirth should  eat only vegetarian food except onion , garlic , beet , and all that prescribed by temple authorities according to hindu religious text .  Worshippers can start tirth from any day . But winter is recommended for good result .  Worshipper must read aartis  , chalisa and prayer of every lord .  People can also do general visit . It will be 21st century's greatest religious work .

Facility :  Tents , Dharmashaalaa , Hotels all types of facility will be available.

Each temples area is around  9-16 sq. metre . Lord Vishnu's Temple will be  around 30 sq. metre. Total space required will be that of stadium .

108 Village Temple has capacity to hold more than one lakh visitors . It will be developed gradually from funds and charity .

It is not yet constructed or in existence.

This temple will contain 30-50 Kg. Golden Bell at the door step .

Temple will have own website .